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Speed Training

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What is speed training? Speed training is training with sub maximal loads. This type of training is very useful for powerlifting, weight lifting, field events, track and field, and power sports like football and wrestling.

Speed training is generally done with loads that are between 50% and 70% of an athletes 1 rep max in a particular lift, done for multiple sets of low reps. For example, an Olympic Lifter may do speed squats with 55% of his or her 1 rep max squat for 3 reps of 6 sets.  The descent of the lift is performed slow and controlled while standing explosively.

This type of training is very important for increasing an athlete’s explosive power. We have been using it for years with great success. Try adding it to your lifts and watch them climb.

CCG Staff

Exercise of the week:

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Romanian deadlift;

Many people confuse this with a straight leg deadlift in its execution.But the the big difference is that the hamstrings and the glutes are stabilizers not movers.To properly execute this exercise set up like a straight leg deadlift foot stance , the trunk should be rounded or flat legs are bent and locked.To lift the bar off the floor strongly arch the back ,especially as the bar passes the knees.The trunk is the only area of the body that moves, the legs remain locked as you lift the bar.This exercise has many applications Olympic lifting, powerlifting any and all power sports.This exercise first came to the states in 1990  when the Goodwill Games  were competed here and coach Dragomir Ciroslan introduced us to them through his  student Nicu Vlad.Add them to your training and watch your lifts go up,good luck.

Conjugate training

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What is conjugate training,and where did it originate from?

Very simply the principal of conjugate training comes from a very famous Soviet weightlifter from  the 1960's.Conjugate training simply is using special exercises to give you the classical lifts you compete with.Many lifters in the past simply trained  the classical or competion lifts ,using a method called progressive overload.The problems with this are two fold,once your body adapts to a training program all progress grinds to  a halt,and training this way is very boaring.lifting is not linear, so we need to use different exercises all the time in our training to address specific muscle weakneses.Exercises are plugged in to a program in a monthly fashion to  work on problem areas on a particular lift.This way we can bring up underperforming  muscle groups and make progress on our competion lifts.An example of this would be a conventional deadlifter who has difficulty breaking the bar off the floor.Some special exercises would be straight leg deadlifts off a plate,glute ham raises,reverse hypers and or straight leg goodmornings.By using these exercises we can strengthen our hamstringsand thus improve our deadlift.I hope this has been helpful CCG staff.One more important tenant of this method is the classical lifts are trained lighter for speed and technical mastery while pushing the special exercises  to  overload the muscles trying to p.r. once  every 21 day's .Try this method in your training and  watch your lifts go up.

Lifting History:

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Many of you that cruise the internet looking for the latest and greatest training routines and special workouts,must realize that unfortunitely 

very little in the way of training systems is new in the lifting world.For example the famous Russian squat program all over the internet ,created by A.S. Prilepin was actually copied from a very famous American weightlifter John Davis.I had the pleasure of meeting John at the Region 1

Junior Olympic weightlifting championships in Islip Long Island N.Y. in 1979.For those of you that don't know who John is ,he was twice Olympic champion and 8 time world champion.He was also the 1st man in the world to C&J 402 lbs.So in speaking to John  i of course asked him how 

he trained.One of the things he told me was that he did a lot of 2*6 in his workouts.If you look at Prilepin's squat progam it is full of workout's 

that  use 2*6 reps and sets.The Russians are modelers,they take current  technology break it appart test it rework it to fit there athletes needs

and reintroduce it.So the next time some tells you that they are trying a new Swedish 5*5 program odds are it has been around for 50 or so years.

Keep training CCG staff.

Exercise of the week:

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Standing plate and trunk twist;

Standing in a shoulder width stance place a bumper plate on the ground next to your left foot.Reach down with both hands and grab

the plate, lift it up and  over your head turning your trunk and placing it on the ground next to your right foot.Repeat the process to 

complete one rep.Do 3-4 reps times 3-4 sets to add a core exersise to your training program,or use as a dynamic warmup.Try them

you will like the results.Good  luck with your training CCG Staff.